Leadership YOUniversity

Leadership YOUniversity


Meets one day a month, classes are from approximately 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. January to May.

  The Ada Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to be offering Leadership YOUniversity. To date, nearly 200 people have graduated from this program since its inception in 2009. This program meets six times over the course of five months starting in January of each year. Each class will have professional speaker(s) discussing topics such as networking, handling feedback, generational differences, public speaking, conducting meetings, business etiquette and team building.

 The program fee is $525 and is limited to 25 participants. In order to be considered for Leadership YOUniversity, an application must be completed. This can be found online at www.adachamber.com, or by simply calling and requesting an application from the Chamber of Commerce at 580.332.2506.

 Attendance is mandatory for successful completion of the program. Absence from more than one full session (or accumulation of partial sessions that equal one full session) will make the participant ineligible for class graduation.


*subject to change