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All bathroom are required to be handicap. They are some exception for older... Read more
The City of Ada has an ordinance that prohibits burning inside the city limits... Read more
If you live in the home and it's registered in your name at the court house... Read more
Additional polycarts are available. They are $12.55 more per month. Call the... Read more
No. Limbs and junk piles (up to 4 cubic yards) are collected by quadrant once... Read more
The department does have a fee schedule that applies to certain types of fire... Read more
The best way to stay in touch is to check our job posting page on a regular... Read more
Charges are calculated based on total weight. If you live inside Ada city... Read more
Check to make sure the sewer clean-out cap is loose. And, during normal hours,... Read more
Aluminum, paper, cardboard, tin and plastic #1 and #2. No glass or ceramic.
Any time there is structural, electrical, mechanical or plumbing work.
Recycling is collected on the same days as garbage.
Click here to view the trash collection map.
Electronic waste (or e-waste) is accepted at the recycling center at 326 East... Read more

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