Redland Childers Architects

413 West 12th Ada OK 74820


Redland Childers is committed to making the built environment better through valued service and thoughtful designs.  Buildings matter, designs matter.


We recognize value in the quality of service and savings.  Be practical with designs.  Every project is unique and we have one chance to get it right.  Be clear with documentation.  We cherish relationships because our best solutions are found in the overlap of individual attributes.  Be fair to others.  Projects are complex.  Accept responsibility.  Plan for the unexpected.

Firm History

The company was established in 1979 by Glen Childers and was later joined by his brother Don Childers to form Childers-Childers Architects & Associates.  An additional business venture was started in 2006 by Tim Elliott, Kim Prater, Forrest Neal, Glen, and Don called Redland Architects.  In 2012 the two companies merged forming Redland Childers Architects.